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March 5, 2011

Current Events- Dictators

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  1. Summarize what is currently happening with respect to revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

In Egypt, the previous president Mubarak was doing something terrible; he was dividing money, but not equally, so some people would get lots of money, while some people didn’t. So the Egyptians were protesting, about a month ago. They were trying to get attention of the other regions of the world, although their internet was shut off and they couldn’t watch international television, so they ‘turned to’ the Arabic television stations. Like Al- Jazeera, but they try to receive the British news, like BBC. The protesting was so extreme; it only took them 18 days to ‘topple Mubarak off his throne’. As well as Egypt, Iran is protesting because they want a new government, because the government gives to high taxes for the less wealthy people in Iran, so they can’t afford their house, or their groceries. So Iran is protesting, because they want to have a new election, because they think the current government should be changed, to let the money divide equally. Egypt and Iran are similar because they both are protesting, also for the same cause, also because they want a new leader or government.

  1. 2. Compare/contrast the revolutions in Iran of the 1970s with the revolution in Egypt today.

In the 1970’s, the commander of the Iranian air force told on national radio that they were going to go or were in America, to save the American supported regime of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who already fled the country three weeks before the protestors started protesting.

This is the same event that occurred in Egypt. The president fled the country, which in this case is Mubarak.  Also, they fled the country for the same cause; they were trying to avoid the protestors. Also, the police and air force were looking for them when they fled the country. Also, after they found the president, they were all happy to see the troops. This happened as well as more and more people were going against the president. And in the end, they both returned to the country.

  1. 3. Why is Iran a prison today?

Iran is a prison because first of all, the journalists are not allowed to cross the border, and sometimes also put in jail. And apart from that they don’t use human rights; they don’t give rights to woman, or children, for example; they only let them work for money and they give them no freedom. Also Iran is known for the sponsor of international terrorism. And also with those problems, they also have a huge nuclear war going on. And in the end, they are only left with an impression that they don’t care. So people think that Europe and the United States should support Iran, because it is terrible in what ‘dump’ they live in.

  1. 4. What fear does the U.S. have about the outcomes of the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa?

The US is afraid that Islam extremist are trying to ‘bug’ Egypt, but they are not yet convinced of their Muslim ‘brotherhood’, the country with the most influenced Islamite opposite group, a danger or warning. I think the US is afraid that the Islam extremists are going to destroy Egypt. And I also think that they are afraid because of what happened in 9/11, but then in Egypt. Or what happened with the president, in 1979.





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